Post Traumatic Super Delightful


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Written and Performed by Antonia Lassar
Directed by Angela Dumlao

“Meet your new heroes… an opportunity for communities to come together, laugh, and learn”- Marie Claire Magazine

Can there be laughter in the healing process after sexual assault? Post Traumatic Super Delightful is a solo-clown look at the college sexual assault crisis. Created by Antonia Lassar, the play weaves together the lives of survivors, perpetrators, and bystanders into the story of how a community struggles to heal after assault. How is everyone hurt by one assault? Is it safe to laugh together? Can laughter create connection? Who is accountable? In PTSD, the personal is political, the political is personal. And the person is a clown.

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“You wouldn’t expect a clown to know much about PTSD, but Antonia Lassar’s wise, warm and witty performance is totally on the nose. Moving and illuminating — a sweet surprise.”
– Michael Wolk, Artistic Director of All For One Theater

Lassar, a gifted physical comedian and incisive feminist-playwright, isn’t afraid to upend our perceptions of how assault reverberates for survivors, perpetrators, and bystanders alike … Director Angela Dumlao hones Lassar’s every comedic beat into an astonishingly expressive pantomime that both investigates the issue at hand and has the audience in stitches …

Post Traumatic Super Delightful is a play that demands to be heard at schools, crisis centers, and theatres across the country. Lassar knows the sexual assault crisis on today’s campuses won’t be easily solved; the belief in live theatre’s ability to enlighten and heal is what fuels her superbly astute show.”
– Jack Smart of Theatre is Easy (naming PTSD a “Best Bet”)

PTSD is thoughtfully written and charismatically performed by Antonia Lassar, who has a talent for accents and mannerisms … The way interviews are combined makes for a well-structured narrative and Angela Dumlao’s excellent direction keeps PTSD from becoming static … PTSD’s message is one that deserves to be shared, and one that needs to be heard.
– Valerie Cardinal of On Stage Ottawa

PTSD is singularly successful in creating a profoundly therapeutic and empowering theatrical experience that evokes laughter, sympathy, and healing – all within the span of 60 minutes …The key to the show’s success lies in the kind of laughter that the show inspires. The humor of PTSD is rooted in identification with the genuine honesty and unrelenting humanity of the show’s four characters … All four of the unnervingly realistic characters are performed with clearly distinct voices and personalities by the playwright, Antonia Lassar.”
– Steve Schonberg of Center on the Aisle

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