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 Antonia Lassar is an actor, playwright, and solo performer. Her work is based in physical theatre, docudrama, and clowning. She has performed across the continent at venues including Boston’s New Repertory Theatre, Yale University, The New York Transit Museum, the Edmonton Fringe, and over 50 living rooms.

“There are a lot of amazing things about Antonia Lassar’s Post Traumatic Super Delightful, but the most amazing thing is Lassar herself… Lassar in creating these three people is such an adept chameleon that it’s mind-boggling.  After establishing the three “characters” – their personalities, accents, vocal inflections, the way they carry themselves physically – Lassar begins to switch between them at will, sometimes in the middle of sentence, without missing a beat.  It’s like you’re watching three interviews in a documentary being inter-spliced together – only it’s a single performer bouncing back and forth between characters so effortlessly that you can forget she’s doing it.”
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