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What are people saying about God Box?God Box New Rep 1

“To become captivated by a story, especially one rich with imagery, imagination, humor and a dollop of heartbreak, is in our DNA. God Box, presented by the New Rep’s Black Box Theater at the Arsenal Center for the Arts, has all of that and then some. This is theater at its most compelling.” – PT At Large

“The storytelling was so good that it immediately made me think of the legendary Sholom Aleichem – pen name of Russian storyteller Solomon Rabinowitz, some of whose tales were the basis for “Fiddler On The Roof.” This play is not only technically brilliant, but also emotionally and spiritually rich.  One cannot put God in a box, but one can certainly place there icons of one’s search for the deity.” – The White Rhino Report

“Her ability to take on an issue of this magnitude and turn it into a performance piece that is funny, poignant, and not pedantic in the least is to be praised… It almost goes without saying, but you don’t have to be Jewish to delve into this God Box.” – Broadway World

“Telling a story is easy. Capturing the heart while doing it? That’s the hard part. Luckily for Antonia Lassar, writer and performer of The God Box, she’s excelled at both. God Box is a triumph of a total solo piece. Antonia Lassar is a wonderful performer who makes you smile and think about life, spirituality, and internal happiness. The God Box is the complete package, leaving your mind at peace.” – Theater In The Now

“Kudos to Antonia Lassar for being so many recognisable characters in this show.  If you have been a parent or a child in the multi-cultural world recently, odds are you’ve met some of these people… the interplay between different voices is exquisitely comical.  Bring a friend and enjoy the lively discussion that should result.” –

God Box is a truly unique, multi-dimensional theatrical experience. The script is superb and Antonia is a virtuoso at embodying the different characters. She is also a highly skilled facilitator of the post-show dialogue. This is a rare opportunity–and a real treat.” – Mike Pardee (Associate Director, Boniuk Institute for the Study of Advancement of Religious Tolerance, Rice University)

“Antonia has a rare gift. The show itself was marvelous: hilarious and thought provoking.  The conversation we had will leave a deep impression on me for a long time. “ – Amy Garner Buchanan (living room host)

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“At it’s heart, ‘The God Box’ is the story of how deeply love runs in families and how sometimes it takes only tragedy to express it.” – New Jersey Journal Profile

“Can a Jewish parent forgive a child’s gravitating toward another faith?” – The Jewish Week Profile

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