Community Involvement

“Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.”– Robert Green IngersollGod Box New Rep 2

Why is God Box an effective teaching tool about the complexities of interfaith dialogue?

  • The United States is a country of patchwork identities. How do we reconcile our many identities not just with other people, but also within ourselves?
  • God Box does not give answers, but instead asks questions: Are we expected to follow our family’s traditions? Can we require our children to follow a specific faith? How does learning about other identities help us to understand our own?
  • The performance is paired with a post show discussion where the audience and performer come together as a community to discuss the questions provoked by the show. We have found in the past that post show discussions occur whether we plan them or not. This has become a vital part of what God Box is about. God Box will not be performed without a discussion.
  • The performance can be followed with a series of workshops that encourage students to explore solo performance as an outlet of personal and community empowerment.

God Box has performed in schools, theatres, bars, living rooms, and conference halls. The play is 60 min long, and requires minimal tech support. It resonates well with venues both large and small, from 5-500 people.

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