It’s touring time!

Post Traumatic Super Delightful is going on tour! Starting mid July, PTSD will be traveling to Minnesota, Edmonton, Oregon, and more! For updates and tour snippets, check out

If you’re in the NYC area, and you want to donate to our tour (ie food and gas), come to our send off party/ fundraiser! July 2oth at 7pm, at Bushwick Abbey.




Post Traumatic Super Delightful!

New play! New Play! New Play!

That’s right, that’s the sound of a new play being made! I’m so excited to announce my newest one woman show: Post Traumatic Super Delightful. The play is a part political/ part clown look at the current sexual assault crisis on college campuses. The play examines how an entire community process trauma. It asks, can there be laughter in the healing process after rape?

The play is being made based on interviews with survivors, Title IX coordinators, faculty, and staff. It’s a true community effort, which is very exciting! I have two great collaborators on board- Angela Dumlao (director) and Kati Frazier (dramaturg). The three of us are a strong team, and we have a lot in store.

The play just had its first two reading at All For One’s Sololab, a two week festival of solo shows in progress. It was a huge success, and we are riding high on the momentum!

Our next show will be at the NYC FRIGID Festival in February. Look out for more updates soon!

Bro, are you sure? Yep. I’m BROchure!

Do you hear that? That sound of hot brochures flying off the press? That’s right, The God Box has a new promotional brochure. You can download it this very minute to send to all your favorite grandmas. Or booking agents. Either one.

Click here to download the brilliance.

This brochure was designed by the wonderful Lindsey Yadon. For more of her great work, or to hire her for you project, check out her website!

The first photo was taken by Lis Cisco, and the last three by Dave Kasnic. My friends are so talented.

Chicago trip!

It’s been a ton of fun here in God Box land these last few months! So far, I’ve been to the gorgeous Portland, ME, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, and Boston! Right now I’m psyching myself up for a week long trip to Chicago to help celebrate the bar mitzvah of a dear friend’s son. My ukulele and I will be providing the musical entertainment for the celebration! There will also be a show or two of The God Box happening in private homes. If anyone in Chicago is hoping for a visit, they should contact me!

And in other news, I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Orange is the New Black. You can contact me to discuss that too.


Hello friends!

Big announcement: THE GOD BOX IS GOING ON TOUR. (Cue the cartwheels) Specifically, this tour is going to focus on living rooms around the country. Yes, the whole country. I want to see every nook and cranny this big bad place I live in.

So, if you or anybody you know has a living room that would like to host a performance of The God Box, email me at I have a comprehensive document that can probably answer most of your questions. Yes, this is real. Yes, my mother is having a panic attack.

Festival Favorite!

Well this is awesome and exciting! (And deserving of a lot of exclamation points!) The God Box was voted **Frigid Festival Favorite** this weekend! We also won an audience choice award, and an award for high ticket sales. And to top it all off, we have been given an extra performance in the FRIGID Festival Hangovers- Best of the Fest.

If you’re around this Saturday at 7pm, come check us out at The Kraine Theatre- 85 E4th Street!

Tickets: $15- $18- or 212-868-4444

New Jersey Journal Article

This is a little belated, but the New Jersey Journal published an article about The God Box in November. If you’re looking to learn more about this show, check this out. The article starts off by calling me shy. So, while it’s a little lax on fact checking (ie. asking anyone who has ever known me ever), it’s still a good read.

Also, remember that you can see The God Box (IN PERSON!!) at the Frigid Festival this feb/ march. Tickets here.