art and activism at siue

As an activist, Antonia believes that art is always political. Inspired by the work of predecessors like Anna Deavere Smith and Sarah Jones, she makes art that challenges the status quo and inspires action. She has taught a university lecture series called “Art and Activism” and also worked with sex offender treatment providers in a course called “Applying Theatre To Your Work.”

“Your new hero”
Marie Claire Magazine praising Antonia’s work combating sexual violence on college campuses

“[Post Traumatic Super Delightful] challenged the idea of the “perfect survivor’ and challenged the idea that there is a “right” way to act as a victim of sexual assault. It encouraged more discussion around sexual assault and not to avoid it as “uncomfortable.”
– 23, male student

“[After watching PTSD,] I feel greater clarity as to what I can do to combat rape culture: boost women’s voices by stepping back and actively generating awareness among males.”
– 20, male student

“I’ve felt guilt recently about not “being over” my two counts of sexual assault. [PTSD] grounded me, and was so healing. I don’t feel alone. Thank you.”
– 23, female student


“A show tackling campus sexual violence may not seem like a fun time at the theater, but this is fun, though provoking and very poignant. Antonia manages to draw the audience into different points of view and the complexities of the issue all while providing accurate information that doesn’t at all feel like it.”
– Cordelia Anderson (Founder National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation)

“Antonia’s work allows us to think bigger about what the possibilities for awareness and activism are. It’s exciting both for people who are new to this conversation and for people who have been having this conversation for a long time.”
– Middlebury Student Organizer on Antonia’s “Art and Activism” workshops

“Antonia has a rare gift. The conversation we had will leave a deep impression on me for a long time.”
– Amy Garner Buchanan (living room host of God Box)