Post Traumatic Super Delightful!

New play! New Play! New Play!

That’s right, that’s the sound of a new play being made! I’m so excited to announce my newest one woman show: Post Traumatic Super Delightful. The play is a part political/ part clown look at the current sexual assault crisis on college campuses. The play examines how an entire community process trauma. It asks, can there be laughter in the healing process after rape?

The play is being made based on interviews with survivors, Title IX coordinators, faculty, and staff. It’s a true community effort, which is very exciting! I have two great collaborators on board- Angela Dumlao (director) and Kati Frazier (dramaturg). The three of us are a strong team, and we have a lot in store.

The play just had its first two reading at All For One’s Sololab, a two week festival of solo shows in progress. It was a huge success, and we are riding high on the momentum!

Our next show will be at the NYC FRIGID Festival in February. Look out for more updates soon!